Why Song of Solomon?

In 2010, God started showing us the need for definite answers on marital sex based on the word of God. He made us aware of Christian couples with questions about sex, but hadn’t found real answers in any books.                                            

We found some authors use surveys from couples who expose their personal experiences. Surveys, however, are not applicable for unresolved issues of sex because we are all very different individuals in our feelings, likes and dislikes. 

This burden stayed with us and a couple of years later Larry and I were asked to assist Pastor Bill and Kim Neil in the marriage classes. Then, in 2014, Larry and I inherited the teaching of the marriage class as Pastor Bill and Kim were sent to pioneer a church in West Virginia. We both had the burden to find answers to the questions couples had about sex, but where?

Isn’t there some way to have a solid foundation of sex, not based on opinions?

Yes, as we began our journey studying the Song of Solomon we soon discovered that God’s word does indeed have answers. Imagine that, the creator of sex gave us some solid direction. The beauty of writing this book is that we certainly don’t claim to be experts on sex, but we can present the word of God, from the Creator and only expert on sex.

Christian couples may breeze through the Song of Solomon and be impressed with the poetry, beauty and passion, yet never discover the hidden keys in the revelatory word of God. Many married couples will be amazed as the Song of Solomon unlocks secrets designed by God to bring the husband and wife into a fulfilling sexual union. The creator and designer of sex gives us His instructions.

The major, worldwide issue for marital sex is the husband’s premature ejaculation before the wife experiences orgasm. God’s design eliminates these problems. This book exposes Freud’s sex fraud which has perpetrated erroneous, destructive thinking about women and sexual fulfillment for decades.

The purpose of this website is to present some of the work and revelation we have received. In writing this book, there were many topics we didn’t expound on because our purpose was to focus on the consummation. In the blogs, we will write about other areas as well.

Check out “A Garden Enclosed” page to watch our podcasts from door.church.

Simply Song of Solomon is divided into 3 sections. Section 1 is a narrative of Solomon and his bride. It tells the story of their betrothal or engagement, their wedding day and sexual consummation to seal the marriage covenant. The story proceeds to reveal conflict and how to resolve it. It ends with having children and moving into destiny as God has planned for their lives.

Section 2 details the narrative story in Section 1 to reveal God’s design for marriage and His design for marital sex. We look closely at the 8 chapters of Song of Solomon and incorporate other verses to bring revelation of this amazing book of the Bible.

Section 3 reveals the greatest love story ever written and it begins with Jesus accepting the cup of suffering from the Father to die on the cross for our sins. This awesome book of the Bible, Song of Solomon, proceeds to include the rapture, His return for His bride, the Bema seat and ends with Jesus’ bride, the church, united with Israel, God’s chosen people, as the Lamb’s wife in the New Jerusalem!

If you decide to purchase the book and you find it to be a help to your marriage, someone else’s marriage or any other way, please help get the word out to others by writing a short review and giving it a 5-star rating. For those searching on Amazon for a book on marriage and marital sex, the books with the highest ratings will come up first in the search.


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