God Designed Sex

Does God really describe marital sex in the Bible? Yes, it is His creation. He created it to be pure, holy and more pleasurable than any other pleasure on this earth.

Imagine that! God reveals His purpose and design for marital sex in the Song of Solomon. In fact, this book of the Bible, with only 8 chapters is right in the middle of the Bible. The verses on the consummation of Solomon and his bride’s wedding day is in the middle of the eight chapters.

God is very concerned about married couples knowing about His design for marital sex.

We guarantee this is not the usual writing on the Song of Solomon where the author surmises what this couple is experiencing. God led us to interpret this book of the Bible in a very unique way by linking verses from the Song to verses from the OT and the NT. It was amazing what God revealed through this method. The Holy Spirit included passages and stories from the Bible that we never would have included without the revelation from the Holy Spirt.

The writing in this book begins with the presentation of the marriage contract, the acceptance of the bride price, the betrothal, which meant a time of separation until the father of the groom sent his son for his bride, their marriage consummation, a broken relationship restored, birthing of children and fulfilling God’s purpose for a couple’s life.

Song of Solomon contains much more than appears on the surface!

God’s blessing on your marriage!

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