About the Authors


My husband Larry and I became born-again Christians over 40 years ago at The Door Christian Fellowship Church. We have three wonderful children, two great sons-in-law and six grandchildren.

When I was 13, I was babysitting for a family and the mother said, “You should be a teacher.” From that day, I made plans to go to college to become a teacher and I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. I know teaching is my God-given gift. Along with my husband, Larry, we taught in Children’s Church for many years.

We love studying the Word of God, with the latest study being Song of Solomon, which we have now published into a book. This study came from seeing a need in the marriage classes we were teaching. Couples had questions about sex, but where were the answers. Other Christian books on sex had no definite answers from the word of God. They wrote about surveys showing other couples’ experiences or exercises to help with premature ejaculation, but the nagging question still hung in our minds. Where is the answer in the word of God, which is our only firm foundation for life.

With much study in this “mysterious” book of the Bible, Song of Solomon, God did reveal His design for marriage and marital sex. It is a book people read through and try to surmise something from it, but not finding real answers for their own lives. They may think, this is nice that this couple, Solomon and his wife, have a good marriage relationship, but how does that help us in our marriage.

God led us to a very unique way of interpreting this book and it amazed us how much God revealed His heart and design for marriage and oneness in marital sex.

The book is available on Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle edition.

Our Testimonies

Larry Priest 

I was born into a small farming community in Iowa and our family moved to Tucson, Arizona, when I was seven years old. After graduating from high school, I attended Eastern Arizona College, then transferred to the University of Arizona Fine Arts College of Drama. Through my early adult years, the occult and everything New Age drew me in. 

After eleven years of a convoluted life, a story too long to tell, I was a backslidden, divorced, burned out hippy acid freak and showed up at The Door Church in Tucson with my friends Ken and Bonnie Laue. I became a born again believer in the fall of 1979. After praying at the altar, God immediately delivered me from drugs, alcohol, pornography and the occult, never to return to the old life. 

The Door Church is where I met and married my wife Geri in 1981, and we have continued to attend the same church. God has blessed us with three wonderful children and sons-in-law and six precious grandchildren. By the grace of God, I retired from TUSD as a Transportation Field Safety Supervisor and state certified commercial driver’s license (CDL) instructor and tester. 

Geri Priest 

I was born and raised in Minnesota. As a Catholic, I learned about Jesus and His death on the cross, but always wondered how His death connected to me personally. With this question unanswered and deceived by my unforgiven sins, I was a religious, self-righteous person. I went through high school and college to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. I had various teaching positions and retired after the last seven years of teaching middle school and elementary Special Education at Sahuarita School District. 

Seven years after my college graduation, with no direction in my life and headed for divorce, I heard the good news of the gospel for the first time and found the long-awaited answer to my question about Jesus. I was born again at The Door Church on Veteran’s Blvd. on August 15, 1977. All within that same week I was filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and water baptized. 

After praying a simple prayer of repentance, I knew immediately God forgave me of my sins because it felt like a cleansing shower on my renewed, purified heart. The connection between Jesus dying on the cross happened when I asked Him for forgiveness of my sins and surrendered my heart into His hands. At that moment, the power of His shed blood set me free from the guilt and bondage of sin in my life. 


As a couple, we have ministered together in many church drama productions, served in Children’s Church for thirty-eight years, conducted House to House Bible studies, marriage classes, parenting classes, and became trained leaders in Precepts Inductive Bible Studies.