Covenant Vows – Marital Oneness

Song 1:1-2 Introduction In Section Two, Marital Oneness and Sex, we dissect the Song of Solomon to uncover some of the mystery pertaining to marriage, especially marital sex. God led us to a unique means for interpreting Song of Solomon by linking words from the Song to verses or stories from the OT and the… Continue reading Covenant Vows – Marital Oneness

Abiding in the True Vine – Lamb’s Wife

Photo by Luiz M. Santos on Song 7:7 Recently I read the book, Secrets of the Vine, by Bruce Wilkinson, available on Amazon. He clearly teaches God's plan and desire for His church is to bear fruit, even much fruit. God uses discipline, and He uses purging to make us fruit-bearing. There is outward… Continue reading Abiding in the True Vine – Lamb’s Wife

Bottom Line

By Larry Priest If a woman does not achieve full orgasm, she is deprived of the hormonal stimulants, regulators and balancers which she needs to relieve stress. Yet, she may not be aware of her need.  She doesn’t have to understand how it all works, but instinctively feels that somehow It is her husband’s fault.… Continue reading Bottom Line

Hormones and Sex

By Larry Priest To Explain Sexual Chemistry a Bit Powerful brain chemicals are released during foreplay and orgasm. This is why it is important for wives to experience an orgasm as powerful as her husband’s.  Men Vasopressin is one of the main hormones released in men during orgasm. It is a great sleep aid which… Continue reading Hormones and Sex