Song of Solomon 3:6-11


Solomon Comes for His Bride

“Did I hear the trump of the shofar, the shout in the night?” Her enraptured heart leaps. “Yes! It is true! He is here! He is here!” 

The eternity of waiting is over, and she can be caught into the glorious light of his presence. She can barely control her feet, desiring to run into the future as much as to escape the past.

What a grand and glorious picture! She sees him coming with a company of his men carrying fiery torches which light up the night producing a cloud of smoke rising in the cool air. Several men are carrying her luxurious sedan chair supported with poles on their shoulders.

The pomp and splendor of this approaching procession is impressive, but her eyes are singularly focused on him. He is so attractive she cannot look away. Behold the groom, attired in fine wedding garments anointed with perfume and oil. The extraordinary joy of our bride with her maids is matched in the hearts of our hero and his ushering companions.

Welcoming her with adoring eyes, he rejoices in her resplendent beauty, her exquisite jewelry, her pure white gown with flowing train and modestly veiled face. He is pleased she has taken advantage of her time of waiting for the perfecting of every detail of her wedding dress.

She alights upon the lowered palanquin with its impressive pillars of silver, the foundation of gold and the extravagant purple coverings. All of these speak of refinement, fashioned for royalty and handmade for her by her beloved. 

The attending men are valiant soldiers disciplined in keeping rank, highly effective in warfare, armed and trained to fight by night or day. Carried aloft by the strength of his trusted attendants she is safe and has nothing to fear. The procession is accompanied by musicians, singers, dancers, friends, family and bridal attendants carrying torches to escort her away. The sweet aroma of incense made of costly spices and ointments lingers in its wake.

Focused on him, as he leads the way, she is gloriously conveyed to their destination, the long-awaited bridal chamber he has prepared for them. Everything he has done for her is the product of his painstaking craftsmanship, his demand for perfection. From afar he has brought only the best materials. More than the substance of costly material, it is his love being expressed, woven into all he desires her to experience. How other daughters of the kingdom wish such an expression of love would be lavished upon them. 

All attending the wedding ceremony, witness the queen crowning her son with the royal nuptial crown. The celebrating crowd, the fire and smoke, the lingering scent of spice and perfume combine to make an unforgettable memory.

Yes, there is more to this chapter as he leads her to the marriage chamber. It can be found in this book.